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Rob's Drywall Services - Custom Home Division is a team of skilled tradesmen dedicated to providing the best possible finishes and highest level of service to builders and homeowners.

Using modernized techniques we are rising to the challenges presented by custom home design. In an industry not prone to change we are actively correcting problems that have left builders and home owners dissatisfied with the overall appearance of their ceilings and walls.

Drywall is a major part of the presentation of your home. In large-scale custom homes there is a level of cooperation between the builder, contractor and sub-contractor that is required but is often lacking in the drywall industry. For this reason, Rob's Drywall Services has established a Custom Home Division which will provide high end builders and discerning home owners with a management style that ensures drywall applicators and finishers dedicated to achieving the high end level of finish expected in a large-scale custom home.

One of the innovations we have made and is being praised continually by our customers is the Smoothtex painted ceiling system which achieves a level of finish that has been previously unachievable, leaving a painted ceiling incredibly flat and smooth. We even do offer a painting service to take the ceiling right through completion using painting methods that don't seem to be executed correctly by all painters. If you require more information on this system we can e-mail a more detailed explanation of all the factors that we have modified to let us achieve this level of finish

Please contact us to let us show you the levels of finish we can achieve with our systems.